The wallpaper range at Swift Homes is handpicked, complete !
The wallpaper range at Swift Homes is handpicked, complete !

There was a time when the only decor for the walls of our homes was paint. The process was cumbersome and needed regular attention. The home decor in the last decade or so has come a long way and one of the best, affordable inventions for the walls of your home has been the wallpaper.

 Swift Homes, Anantnag-the biggest home decor studio (s) in south Kashmir-has recognised the utility of this ‘magic’ paper. And after recognising the utility, the Swift Homes has made sure that we stock up the best wallpapers in the industry from the best of the companies in the business. These wallpapers have been kept readily available at all three of our home decor studios-in Nai Basti Anantnag, K P road of the Anantnag town and main town of Shopian district in South Kashmir. 

The installation of these wallpapers-available in dozens of different styles, material and other qualities-is super easy and the best thing is that, unlike many other wall decorations-these wallpapers need no or minimal care. The best thing is that these wallpapers come in washable, moisture resistant, natural bamboo and prepasted variants- so that the varying seasons in Kashmir valley do not have a bearing on the health of these wallpapers. The Swift Homes understands your need to be trendy with your home decor, while you choose quality and affordability. Don’t you worry, our wallpapers come in the trendiest of the designs. HD wallpapers, Grasscloth wallpapers, 3D Wallpapers, 5 D wallpapers, textured wallpapers, vintage wallpapers and stone wallpapers are some of the beautiful options you can choose your home decor from. Besides, some of the wallpapers are paintable, which means you can have anything painted over them while your walls remain safe and untouched. Metallic wallpaper, Cork wallpaper, Hand screened wallpapers, textile wallpapers and textured wallpapers are some other durable and all weather wallpapers available at Swift Homes.  

You can visit any of our home decor studios, either in Anantnag or in Shopian, and can have a loot at all these wallpapers in the best possible displays before you choose some for your home. We at Swift Homes understand the nuances of making a home and we make sure that you are satisfied to the core before you take a decision to buy something from us-be it a wallpaper or a door handle. Please visit us and allow us to be a part of your home making process.