A new experience in wardrobes, beautiful and space friendly!
A new experience in wardrobes, beautiful and space friendly!

Imagine your clothes, accessories, beddings and other things stacked up or littered around your room. Doesn’t the thought make you anxious? That brings us to the importance of wardrobes in our homes.

Wardrobes, over the years, have been modified and redesigned as per the needs of our homes. Swift Homes, being one of the most premier Home Decor studio’s in Kashmir valley, has been following the trends in the segment.

We have been upgrading our inventory with the latest technologies and the latest designs on wardrobes. The wardrobe collection at the Swift Home studios, in Anantnag and Shopian, include state of the art wardrobes from Ozone, Hettich, Inox, Hafele, EBCO, Blum and Moda.

The latest designs from these companies keep in view the most common issues faced by people-space management. Gone are the days when wardrobes used to take most of the space in your room, leaving almost no space to even walk.

The new modular wardrobes by these best of the companies are the most space effective wardrobes for they can be installed in a way that fits the room decor immaculately.

And even if that is not enough there are customisable wardrobes, which are custom made keeping in view the space alignment of your room. These wardrobes also come in the ‘Sliding Door Wardrobe’ and ‘built-in bedroom cupboard’ variants, which further enhance the space management inside your rooms.

The best thing about these wardrobes is that they manage space without compromising on the home decor. ‘Decorative wardrobes’ available in dozens of breathtaking designs are specially crafted keeping in view the aesthetic needs of individuals.

Besides, these wardrobes also come in laminates so that the wear and tear inside the wardrobes is minimized and your clothes, accessories and other items are kept safe from moisture and other harm.

Further enhancing the space inside the wardrobes are the wardrobe accessories, Swift Homes has so painstakingly been collecting from the best of the makers. These accessories include Pull out Baskets, Organisers, Pivoting Mirror, Movable Mirror Brackets, Shoe Rack Pull out, Wardrobe Lift, Multi Purpose Pull out Units, Trouser Holder, Hanger Holder, Tie and Belt Holder, Wicker Pull out, Corner Application and Accessories Trays.

The point is the wardrobes are no longer the simple closets which we used to stack up things away from the gaze. These new age wardrobes are multipurpose organizers, which not only let you organise things according to your own taste but also save space in your room in a way that your room becomes your favourite place to hangout.

Swift Homes has all these essentials stacked up at its three lavish studios in K P Road Anantnag, Nai Basti area of Anantnag and Shopian town of the south Kashmir.

You can visit us on our showrooms or reach us through phone, facebook, instagram or twitter so that our customer care executives might assist you with whatever you need in wardrobes or in home decor-of which we have the widest range available.