Digital and Biometric locks are changing the way we secure homes and our valuables!
Digital and Biometric locks are changing the way we secure homes and our valuables!

Locks have been essential to homes since time immemorial now for they allow us to keep our belongings safe and out of harm.

The traditional locks can however be a hassle, for you need to keep the keys tucked away at a safe place after you have locked your valuables. Besides, the traditional locals can be easily broken and/or manipulated with a master key.

We at Swift Homes Anantnag, being the leading home solutions experts in the region, understand each and every need that arises in our homes. After successfully making Modular Kitchens, Modular Wardrobes, Dishwashers and other new innovations (in home solutions) mainstream in Kashmir, we have also added digital and biometric locks to the huge list of our inventory.

Digital locks work on codes. The first big achievement of these locks have been that the keys have been taken out of the picture. The only thing you need to access your valuables will now be a code that you need to remember and there is no way anyone can access or tamper with your valuables.

The digital locks can be used on wardrobes, doors of the house and any place you have stored your valuables at. Taking the experience of these keyless locks a little further, the companies have now come up with the biometric locks.

Biometric locks take even remembering a code out of the equation. These locks work purely on human touch. This high end technology will allow you to store an identification, based on fingerprints or any other identification process, so that all you need to do is get identified by the lock and there you are.

These state of the art locks are changing how we secure our valuables and our homes as well for you will never again have to worry about a key or your old fashioned lock being manipulated by the burglars.

This is the safest way to keep certain things out of the reach of children as well.

Through years of expertise and an eye on Home Decor, Swift Homes has been able to identify the best of the companies that make digital as well as Biometric locks. We have assembled a wide range of locks from companies like Yale, Hafele, Samsung etc

These locks are available at Swift Homes studios in Nai Basti Anantnag, K P Road Anantnag and our newly established home studio in Shopian. In these distressing times, if you do not want to get out of your home and reach a studio, we are only a call or a text away.

Reach us online or through our helplines numbers and we will make sure you have the best of the experiences with Swift Homes.