Welcome to Swift Homes, the largest home decor chain in Anantnag and South Kashmir
Welcome to Swift Homes, the largest home decor chain in Anantnag and South Kashmir

If you live in Kashmir, particularly the southern part of the valley, we are sure you have heard our name. We are Swift Homes – the largest chain of home decor solutions in South Kashmir, and one of few most accomplished and complete home decor solutions in Kashmir valley. 

This blog here is aimed at getting you acquainted with the services we provide and the products that are on offer at Swift Homes’ multiple studios spread across South Kashmir. 

We started out as a small hardware store in main town Anantnag a few decades ago and are presently offering products ranging from Modular Kitchens to Modular Wardrobes, furnished bedrooms, Kitchen solutions, home decor solutions, plywoods, laminates, locks, and more. 

To put in a sentence, we at Swift Homes offer almost every product that your home decor needs, here at our two studios in Anantnag and one in the Shopian district of South Kashmir. 

We are the first home decor studio to have introduced Modular Kitchens in Anantnag. Across South Kashmir, we not only deliver Modular Kitchens but we also make sure that they fit your kitchen spaces to the last inch of space. 

We not only have the different shaped Modular Kitchens available for you in Anantnag and in Shopian, but we also ensure that they are fitted perfectly, and in case your kitchen is a different shape, the Modular Kitchen is customized for you.  

We offer these Modular Kitchens in installments in Anantnag and in Shopian as well. 

Having the expertise of several decades in creating home solutions in South Kashmir, Anantnag in particular, we know whatever is needed in a home to the last bit. That is why we have stocked Kitchen essentials to the last bit. 

Whether you need a Kitchen Chimney in Anantnag, or for that matter a Kitchen sink in Anantnag or in Shopian, we have it all lined up for you. Speaking of the kitchen essentials, we have the never-ending stocks of cook-tops, kitchen islands, pantries, and rolling shutter wardrobes for your kitchen as well. 

So if you need cook-tops in Anantnag or kitchen islands in Shopian, or you are looking for kitchen chimneys in South Kashmir, Swift Homes is the one-stop-shop for all your needs. 

Our inventory does not end there. Swift Homes has the widest range of Plywood, Laminates, Wallpapers, Locks, Door Knockers, Ovens, Woodfloors, and other home essentials. 

All you have to do is land at any of our studios – located on K P Road Anantnag, Nai Basti Anantnag, and Shopian town – and see for yourself the products we take pride in. And in case you do not have the time, we will reach out to you. 

Swift Homes is available, round the clock, over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apart from the fact that our customer service executives are always there to help you.