Electric Hamams, the futuristic way to stay warm!  
Electric Hamams, the futuristic way to stay warm!  

Winters are about to arrive and we all know how the season can get immensely harsh in Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmir valley in particular. We have relied on Kangris, electric heaters, gas heaters, and traditional Hamams to keep our homes warm. 

The most effective among these heating arrangements has been the traditional Hamam, hands down. However, it comes with its own set of issues and problems. We will not state the problems of the traditional Hamam all in one go. 

Instead, through this blog, we will make a comparison between traditional Hamams and electric Hamams. The comparison will be made on the basis of merit and not because Swift Homes has ventured into selling and installation of the new and futuristic electric-Hamams. Here are a few points! 


All of us know how cumbersome and time-consuming traditional Hamams are! The digging, the procurement and placement of the stones, and the masonry involved make the installation of traditional Hamams a painfully long process. 

Cut to the Electric-Hamams! The process of installation is fairly simple. Only the upper surface of the room floors is scratched to install the Hamam. The whole process does not take more than a few hours to be completed. There is almost no masonry involved and the process is spotless. 


The traditional Hamams run on firewood. It is not a secret how difficult it can get to acquire firewood in today’s world. And even if we acquire that easily, the process is not clean – it does cause a certain amount of air pollution, always. To light the firewood on a daily basis is another grind we cannot ignore.

On the contrary, the electric-Hamams are clean and energy efficient. They run on electricity and the only process required is the turn of a knob to get it started. There is no pollution whatsoever involved in the whole process. 


For the installation of traditional-Hamams, it is imperative that the room is on the ground floor given the fact that we need a pit where the firewood can burn and create heat. 

On the other hand, there is no such pre-requisite for the electric-Hamams. They can be installed in any room, on any floor of the house with an electric connection. No pit is required, and the room will be not altered in any way. 

The question that everyone keeps asking us is the erratic power supply we get in Kashmir, especially during the winter season. The delightful part is that the electric Hamam keeps the room warm for over six hours after the electricity is snapped. 

We are sure you have other questions regarding these Hamams as well. Feel free to call us on our toll-free number, or visit us. We have three home decor studios located in Nai-Basti Anantnag, along KP Road in Anantnag, and in the main town of Shopian of South Kashmir. We would love to host you!