Declutter your Kitchen, the easy way! 
Declutter your Kitchen, the easy way! 

The saying “home is where the hearth is,” has deeper connotations in today’s world. Everything in a home revolves around the Kitchen, regardless of the fact that we have replaced the traditional hearths with induction heaters and gas stoves. 

And, understandably so, Kitchens are the most used spaces in a household. We try hard to keep this space neat and organized, but it seems to be a lot of hard work and the mess looks like it is never ending. 

We at Swift Homes have a three-decade worth of expertise in making homes elegant and better organized. Our special attention has always been to kitchens and we know the insides and outs of these spaces. We know how to keep them organized and decluttered. 

So, in this blog today, we will be sharing some simple and effective tips to declutter your kitchen space. 

Purge – is the first step! Well, we understand the emotions associated with your belongings but this decision needs to be taken for the overall good. Take out everything and see what utensils, appliances, or cutlery you have not seen in ages! Stove these things into your basement or whatever storage space you have created around the house. You can however keep some of them for their aesthetic value. 

The next step will be deep cleaning the kitchen. It is not often you pull out everything from the kitchen and it lays around you. Now that it has been pulled out, take the opportunity and clean every corner you have been intending to for a long. 

Putting back things! Now that you are left with only the necessary things, it will be a lot easier to organize them. Have a hard look at the items, sit down with a pen and paper preferably, and categorize the things before you according to the use you put them into. 

The first category should be the “Daily use” objects. Put them where you can access them with just the stretch of your arm – maybe near the dishwasher or wherever is the most accessible part of the kitchen. 

Next is the “cooking range” – including the pans, the pots, and the vok’s. Keep them near the cooking area of your kitchen, whether it is an oven, an induction heater, or a gas stove. You will be able to easily access whatever utensils need while cooking. 

The third zone will be the “fridge zone”. Store your Tupper ware, foils, tumblers, glasses, and other things near the fridge because that is where these things are used the most. Easy access will not only save you time, but it will give you a sense that everything was organized. 

Pantry-Zone is another important part of the kitchen. Store your supplies in these and categorize them in whatever way you want to. For example, you can store the dry items on one shelf and wet in another or you can have the items near expiry at the front and others at the back. 

Beneath the sink is another area that can be utilized. You can store your cleaning supplies there. Not only is this an effective way of using space, but it also keeps things handy and easily accessible. 

We hope this blog will help you go a long way in keeping your kitchen space decluttered and organized. 

And in case you have been thinking of renovating your kitchen or making a new one, do not forget that we at Swift Homes are the experts. We will plan it with you, visualize it and execute it in the best possible manner. 

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us on our social media handles and/or the toll-free number. We will love to hear from you!