The unwelcomed frosty nights and colder days of harsh winter are almost here. Unlike other seasons, winter being the prominent season prompts us  to make exceptional priorities and preferences of life.Over the years the approach of people towards the winter has changed. Modern day facilities have made it easier for people to cope up with the bone chilling weather.In the past people would use kangris, charcoal heaters,wood burning heaters, open fireplaces to keep themselves warm during winter but now smokeless heating is a priority, given the proven health hazards the traditional heating has been associated with. 

Your health and comfort is imperative to us at Swift Homes,therefore we have come up with electrical hamams for you.Our electric hamams provide an effective heating solution during winter. Electric hamams are convenient and easy to install.Our experienced team at Swift Homes are remarkably good at installing electric hamams and have already installed them at many places.

Most of the households have been using traditional Hammams to keep their homes warm during winter.Traditional Hamams are made with limestone blocks and firewood is used to heat the stones up. But managing traditional hammam is cumbersome, from arranging firewood to lighting the Hamam up everyday, it requires a lot of effort. Apart from this firewood is taking a toll on our forests that affects biodiversity,natural habitats and much more. The smoke from these hammams leads to air pollution adding to the global warming that acts as the major cause of the climate change.

The demand for the electric Hamams has increased with the onset of winters in the valley. Electric hamams are inexpensive to install and last longer.The repair and replacement costs are also minimal. Since electric hamams do not rely on burning anything,there is zero emission from them.Therefore electric hammams are convenient,pollution free and do not require any labour. 

Electric Hamams are the most efficient,affordable and reliable source of heating element when it comes to power consumption. It consumes 15 watt of electricity per square foot. In a small to medium room, the power consumption is less than an electric heater. Also Electric Hamam warms up the room in just an hour and keeps the entire room warm for another 10 hours.

Moreover traditionals hamams can only be built in the ground floors while electric hamams can be installed in any room of any floor. For the elderly people or those with any other health conditions are always advised to keep themselves warm during the winters and what better option than electric hamams.

Gas heaters come with the risk of gas leaks and coal heaters emit carbon monoxide, both being a serious threat to health.Every now and then we hear the news about the mishaps  caused by suffocation due to these conventional heating appliances, which again makes electric hamams the most reliable heating element without any risks involved.

We at Swift Homes have a team of experts in this domain who are experienced in installing the Electric Hamams,so feel free to contact us in case you want to install electric hamams at your place.We know you have many more questions still ringing in your head and you are still wondering how to take the first step! Do not worry! You can contact us through any of our social media handles and/or call us on our toll-free number. We will be pleased to help you! 

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