Swift Homes ‘Interio-Expo’, a leap forward!
Swift Homes ‘Interio-Expo’, a leap forward!

By now you all will be well aware of the fact that Swift Homes has, over the years, emerged as a leader in the home decor industry, across Kashmir valley – the southern region in particular. 

We at Swift Homes believe we can only grow when people around us, working with us and associated with us in any capacity grow as well. Only then will we be able to leave a lasting mark on the industry. 

We understand the challenges that the workmen and other people associated with the real estate and the home decor industry are facing in face of the ever-evolving post-internet world. 

With the ever imploding information on the screens of smartphones, the average customer has become aware and wants things done a certain way. The customer will no longer be content with whatever you present to him. This is a challenge, as well as an opportunity for the workforce of the real estate and home decor industry. 

Swift Homes, as always, is the first one to take the next big leap. We have organized a mammoth Interio-Expo at SKICC Srinagar for all the people associated with us – including the workers as well as the dealers. 

The aim of the Expo was to get these people acquainted with the new challenges of the industry and the opportunities therein. The one-day expo was held on March 31, at the SKICC auditorium and was attended by more than 300 people related to the industry. 

Swift Homes got these people acquainted with the newer trends in the industry and how they can tackle the challenges with ease and with expertise. We hope that after the Expo, the dealers and the workforce will be able to handle the challenges with ease, and identify the opportunities to make the most of them. 

Apart from that Swift Homes unveiled a website at the Expo, which we believe will be a gamechanger for the general public as well as the people associated with this ever-growing industry. 

The website www.swifthomes.in/pool, is the first and only resource website where contact details of carpenters, masons, and other skilled workmen will be available for the general public to access. 

The information will be available free of cost for anyone who wants to access it. Besides, there will be no registration fee for the workers, who intend to register on Pool, with the aim of finding work.  

People will only need to log on to this website and they can find experts in the work they need to get done, right there in their area of residence. This website will be a huge push forward for the workers as they try to find work in this rather unorganized industry. 

Swift Homes is keeping its promises of taking the home decor and Real Estate industry to new levels, here in Kashmir. Have any further questions? You can call us or reach to us through our social media handles.