How to make your wood-floors last longer!
How to make your wood-floors last longer!

Over the years, wood-floors have increasingly taken the home decor space and have replaced the traditional ways of furnishing our living spaces, in a way. Wood-floors are stunning to look at and create an everlasting first impression, while giving us the flexibility of not replacing it for a long time. 

Swift Homes takes some pride in introducing wood-floors to Anantnag and South of Kashmir, at a time little was known about this kind of furnishing. And over the years, we have been able to garner substantial expertise into all the aspects of wood-floors, including how we can keep them clean and make them last longer. 

In this blog we will tell take you through some small steps, that will ensure that your wood-flooring lasts longer and is hygienic for you and your family. 

Keep the wood-floors clean! 

For the longevity of the wood-floors it is imperative that they are cleaned on a regular basis. Make it a habit to clean your wood-floors, periodically. Using a cleaner is of utmost importance for it will not only make your wood-floors shine but will also enhance the hygiene. 

Choosing the right cleaner! 

This aspect of cleaning is as important as the cleaning itself. It is necessary that you pick the right cleaner. 

Most of the wood-floor cleaners use oill or wax bases to give your wood-floors the much needed shine. But in the process these cleaners do more damage to the wood-floors than any good, making them break in a certain time. 

Use of a non-toxic cleaner, that will deep clean the floor is really important. You might feel that the floors do not shine enough, but if they remain clean it will add to the charm instead of relying on oil or wax. 

Keep the moisture away!

Moisture is known to cause damage to the strongest of the materials. It is important that you keep your woodfloors dry. Let in enough sunlight and air so that your wood-floors remain moisture free. 

Also make sure that you clean any spills thoroughly to enhance the hygiene and dryness of the floor. 

Be gentle! 

Wood-floors look great in kitchens and living areas. The flip side is the use of furniture in these areas, including chairs and tables. The constant movement of the furniture often leaves scratches on the floor. These scratches not only dampen the decor, they can hold dirt and it gets really hard to clean these spots. 

Use rugs, wherever you have the woodfloors so that you can place your furniture over the rugs minimising the damage caused by movement of teh furniture. 

Say no to shoes indoors! 

No matter how clean our shoes are, they do carry the dirt and other impurities from outside into the home. That is not only detrimental for our health but also for the health of our woodfloors. 

Remember to put your shoes off at the doorstep, at least in the areas where you have wood floors. 

We hope your wood floors last longer. And in case you need any further help on teh subject you can drop in to our home decor studios, located in Nai Basti Anantnag, along K P Road Anantnag and in Shopian district. 

We are available on every social media platform, and have a toll free number where you can reach us for the maintenance of your woodfloors and/or for getting new woodfloors for your homes. 

At Swift Homes we have an unending inventory of AC-3, AC-4, and AC-5 wood floors, in every color conceivable. All you have to do is, get in touch with us!