Swift Homes Dishwashers, making life easier
Swift Homes Dishwashers, making life easier

Summers or winters, the million dollar question in any home kitchen has always been, “who will do the dishes?”. And yes we-at Swift Homes, Anantnag-think the question is a worthwhile one for it is not an easy job to do the dishes day in and day out. It not only takes a lot of energy, it also affects the relationships in and around the household. Like every problem we have been finding a solution to at Swift Homes, since the last 35 years, this one has been taken care of as well.

We have come up with the latest state of the art dishwashers to make your life easier and dishwashing a child’s play. And not only that, we have also made sure that the dishwasher you choose also caters to your kitchen space and design in a way that it does not look like an external commodity while it is kept into the kitchen. 

So, Swift Homes has basically come up with two types of dishwashers. One is the built in dishwasher.

This dishwasher can be fitted into your kitchen space in a manner that it will gel with the overall ambience of your kitchen ever so subtly, will not need to be moved around and won’t take any extra space. 

This type of dishwasher is apt for the kitchens which are being made afresh or renovated, for a space for it can be created with much hassle. However, if your kitchen does not fall in any of the two categories, our expertise in installing at such places will come handy. 

Swift Homes, has a team of dedicated experts who have been taking care of such situations for the past many decades, here in Anantnag district and the entire south Kashmir-which we have been so diligently catering to with our expert services. 

The second type of dishwasher is the Free Standing Dishwasher. This type of dishwasher gives you the flexibility of placing the dishwasher anywhere you like to. This takes the space constraints out of the equation and is the best if you are not a big fan of keeping things at one place for years. 

The Swift Homes, through its three studios in Nai Basti Anantnag, K P Road Anantnag and Shopian in South Kashmir, has been making sure that you get the best at the most affordable prices. And that is what we have done while selecting the dishwashers for you. We handpick the best companies, who are experts in making dishwashers and deliver them to you. For now the Swift Homes deals in dishwashers by LG, Bosch, Haffele, Whirlpool, IFB and Kaff. 

We have our eyes and ears open, with our team of experts and marketing executives to the ever changing trends in the market. So, the gallery of Swift Homes will be updated soon as there is an addition to the dishwasher making at the international level. Till then you have the best of the companies to choose your dishwasher from and with the options of keeping it static or free standing to match your Kitchen Decor. 

Do visit any of our stores or contact us through phone, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get more details on our products. Our stores in Naibasti Anantnag, K P Road Anantnag and in Shopian remain open on all working days and we are available in the virtual space almost round the clock.