Swift homes took the giant leap from Hardware to Home decor and it has been worth it!
Swift homes took the giant leap from Hardware to Home decor and it has been worth it!

For generations Home Decor in Kashmir, particularly the rural areas, remained limited to the Hardware shops. While it was good for the shopkeepers and these hardware shops did meet the basic necessities of providing essentials of house making, the need of the hour was not the essentials of house making but the essentials of making a home-the home decor. 

While everyone associated with the business understood this demand for sure, particularly here in Anantnag and south Kashmir but no one was ready to take the next leap. For the risk of taking such a leap was tremendous but at the same time it had become necessary now. 

We at Swift Homes, Anantnag, with our over 35 years of expertise in the hardware business understood the nuances of the business and some four years back we finally decided to take the next leap. 

Swift Homes, in 2017, gave Anantnag district its first home decor studio-located in Nai Basti area of Anantnag. Yes, we started off with a few products like Modular Kitchens but as we have grown over the years we have taken Home Decor, not only in Anantnag but entire south Kashmir, to a whole new level. 

Presently, Swift Homes deals in a wide range of products including Modular Kitchens, Modular Wardrobes, Kitchen Chimneys, Plywood laminates, kitchen sinks and smaller essentials like locks. Thousands of satisfied consumers in Anantnag gave us the hope and the reassurance that we were moving in the right direction. 

Obviously, as we grow our extended family-which is the people of Kashmir-have to benefit from our growth. Swift Homes, with this idea, has now come up with a lavish, state of the art home studio along KP Road in Anantnag town. 

The idea behind this studio is the plain fact that the whole family, female members in particular, gives its hundred percent in making of a home and they should have an equal say in its making. So it was necessary to create a space where these homemakers feel comfortable venturing into.

The Swift Homes is not stopping there however. We have taken our Swift Homes studio to Shopian in South Kashmir as well and in the next few years we are planning to have these studios in Srinagar as well as every major town of Kashmir. 

The idea is to get every Kashmiri benefited by this giant leap into the future where people get latest, cutting edge home products delivered to their doorsteps while they are helped with the installation parts by our experts-who have an experience of around 3 decades in the business.

We have been doing our bit regularly. It is the people who make any venture a failure or a success and we have always believed that the people of Anantnag or South Kashmir or for that matter the entire Kashmir valley will make our venture a success. 

The people have proved us right and they will keep doing so as we continue to serve the people by bringing to them the best Home Decor solutions in Anantnag, Shopian and in future across Kashmir.