Heavy discounts on home decor at Swift Homes! 
Heavy discounts on home decor at Swift Homes! 

The products Swift Homes deals in are not the products you expect will come at a discounted price. And that is true for most of the products, given the time, hard work, and expertise that goes into innovating home decor – apart from obviously the raw material.

But every now and then, we at Swift Homes believe in giving it back to our customers, who we think are our extended family. What we do is we put heavy discounts on some of our best products in a bid to benefit our customers. 

Presently it is that time of the year at Swift Homes and we have a discount bonanza going on, on some of our finest products, in home decor. Today’s blog is dedicated to letting you know about the ongoing offers and discounts at Swift Homes. 

The biggest discount comes for the much-needed home security systems. We are giving away a discount of up to 40% on Mortise Locks. These locks that fit into a pocket cut out of the door, have been the best security systems in our homes for ages. 

The mortise locks have witnessed some serious innovation in recent years and we at Swift Homes are proud that we have inducted every new innovation on Mortise Locks into our inventory. And it is all these locks we are providing this heavy discount on. 

Cabinet Handles are accessories that are probably the most used in our homes and are subjected to vigorous wear and tear day in and day out. Often, we find ourselves in the need of replacing these handles. 

Whether you want to replace the handles or are constructing a new home, where you want the handles to be immaculate and perfect – the cabinet handles from Tunes will come in handy, always. 

It is on these handles Swift Homes is providing heavy discounts as well. The Tunes cabinet handles at Swift Homes are being sold at a discount of around 35% presently. The discount extends in one form or the other for all the handles by Tunes we have at Swift Homes. 

Laminates have been added to the list of discounted things as well and the discounts are huge, given the market prices of the laminates. We are providing a discount of around 20% on laminates, and you will love how these laminates are going to transform your living spaces. 

Here, in this blog, we have saved the best bit for the last. It is about our most valuable and the most widely sold product – the Modular Kitchens. Apart from the discounts that we provide with Modular Kitchens, we are also giving away some wonderful freebies with these innovative kitchens. 

With all our modular kitchens, we are giving away a sink, a cooktop, and a chimney. This offer surpasses all the discounts that are presently in vogue at Swift Homes. 

Whether you are renovating your home or are in the process of constructing a new house, these offers are going to help you redefine your home space. Have any further questions? 

You can contact Swift Homes on our toll-free number and/or through our social media handles. We will love to hear from you! Otherwise, you can drop by any of our home decor studios located along K P Road in Anantnag, in the Nai Basti area of the Anantnag town, and in the Shopian district of South Kashmir