Modular Kitchens in Kashmir
Modular Kitchens

Kitchens in Kashmir

Finding Modular Kitchens in Anantnag would have been a grind a few years ago, but not now. Swift Homes home decor studios in Anantnag and in Shopian provide you the unmatched, endless inventory of state of the art Modular Kitchens from the best of the brands across the world. 

What are Modular Kitchens :

A modern innovation, Modular Kitchens are Kitchens built by assembling prefabricated units or modules. Cabinets are made of these modules for optimum space utilization and the trendiest look a kitchen could have ever had.


What Makes Modular Kitchens better than the traditional ones ?

Making Kitchens the best, warmest, cosiest corner of your homes! 

  • Space Friendly : Because the Modular Kitchens are based on Modules or units, the basic aim has been to enhance space. Modular Kitchens have a utility factor to spaces, the traditional Kitchens have never had.
  • Trendy : The Modular Kitchens are designed after a lot of thought and innovation goes into the process. The traditional kitchens can never match the decor!
  • Long lasting : The material used in Modular Kitchens is tested for severe conditions, including cold, smoke and moisture – the usual things that harm our decor.
  • Fit to the last inch : The modular Kitchens come in different shapes and the best part is they can be customised and made to fit down to the last inch of our home spaces.
  • Easy to Clean : The surface of the Modular Kitchens is really easy to clean. Just wipe off the surface and you are done!

These kitchens are long-lasting, more affordable, and aesthetically pleasing than the traditional kitchens, apart from being easy to install.

Modular Kitchens

Making Kitchens the best, warmest, cosiest corner of your homes! 

  • Space Friendly
  • Trendy
  • Long lasting
  • Fit to the last inch
  • Easy to Clean
Modular Kitchens
Modular Kitchens

These Smart-Kitchen come in different shapes .

  • The U-Shape Modular Kitchens
  • The L-Shape Modular Kitchens
  • The I-Shape Modular Kitchens
  • & The Customised Ones
Modular Kitchens

Swift Homes , the Modular Kitchen expert of Kashmir .

Swift Homes has the distinction of introducing Modular Kitchens, here in the Anantnag district of South Kashmir, more than a decade back, which puts us a decade ahead in everything related to modular kitchen.


Modular Kitchens

Client Side Installations

As your Modular Kitchen partners, our work does not end at giving you the best possible product, rather our work starts then. We make sure that the installation process is carried out by our experts in a glitch free manner and most importantly, we ensure that you get the post-installation service hassle free and in a timely manner.


It is the latest technology which provides you the flexibility of managing your kitchen Modular Kitchen Cabinets, through modules which can be fit according to your own need and space design.

We deliver across Kashmir valley including Srinagar , Shopian , pulwama , Budgam

Modular Kitchens at Swift Homes are available in different shapes. 

The U-Shaped Modular Kitchens, The L-Shaped Modular Kitchens, and the I-Shaped Modular Kitchens are readily available. In case your kitchen space is a different shape, we customize it for you to the last inch.

Modular Kitchens are a one-time affair given the longevity of these trendy and long-lasting modules – provided we take due care and clean them regularly. Here are some simple tips to keep your Modular Kitchens fresh and make them last longer. 

  1. A good Chimney: A good kitchen chimney exhausts the moisture and the smoke from our kitchens effectively and in the process does not let these harmful things settle on the surface of the Modular Kitchens. The Chimneys should be regularly cleaned though.                                                   
  2. Regular Cleaning: The apt way will be a mild detergent wipe and then wiping the surface with a soft cotton cloth, to keep it clean and healthy.     
  3. Deep Cleaning: Every once in a while, you should ensure deep cleaning of your Modular Kitchen, to erase the moisture and the smoke that might have escaped the chimney or your regular cleaning process.                           
  4. Ventilation: Proper ventilation of the kitchens is important to increase the life of the Modular Kitchens. Make sure your kitchens get the necessary air, yes, during the winters as well.                                                     
  5. Pest control: Rodents and other pests are detrimental to not only our health but also the health of our kitchens. Ensure pest control over regular intervals.

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