Why Electric Chimneys have become an important part of kitchens?
Why Electric Chimneys have become an important part of kitchens?

Our homes revolve around our Kitchen space. As they say, “the home is where the hearth is,”. And it becomes all the more important to have our kitchen spaces neat, clean, and free of any hazardous pollutants. 

How is that possible? How do we keep our kitchens neat and clean? The answer is the appliance called a Kitchen Chimney! While Chimneys have been a part of our kitchens since time immemorial, the innovations in this segment have made the chimneys all the more effective. 

In today’s blog, we will talk about the Chimneys and the benefits of having them in our Kitchen spaces. The first and the foremost is, that the Chimneys keep our kitchens smoke and fumes free! 

Cooking emanates a lot of smoke as well as fumes, which can be hazardous for not only your loved ones but also the decor of the kitchen. The powerful suction of the chimneys takes all the smoke and the fumes out of the kitchen in a jiffy, leaving the air clean and fresh. 

Talking of fresh air, if you choose a ductless chimney for your kitchen the charcoal filters also recycle the air in your kitchen periodically. It essentially means that air quality in your kitchen will always be maintained at its purest if you have chimneys installed therein. 

In Kashmir, cooking involves a lot of oil. And every time we cook, the oil droplets settle over the walls of the kitchen, making them look greasy. The constant sprinkling of oil drops over the walls also makes the decor age faster, decreasing its longevity by a long shot. 

Chimneys, however, ensure that no oil or slime is deposited over the walls. The suction of the chimneys ensures that the oil, along with smoke and fumes is taken out of the kitchen space effectively, well before it gets settled over the walls. 

Heat is another issue we face while cooking. And chimneys take care of that as well. It cuts down all the heat by sucking the hot air out and recycling the air. So that you can cook without sweating! 

And for people who are really particular about the decor of their homes, the Chimneys are an absolute treat. They add immensely to your Kitchen decor for they are stylish and sleek. You are going to love them. 

Like all other home decor and home appliance solutions, Swift Homes has always been at the forefront here in Anantnag and other parts of the Kashmir valley. We have an upper hand when it comes to dealing with electric Kitchen chimneys, which also includes the proper installation and care of the appliance. 

Swift Homes has the widest range of Chimneys from the best of the brands, including Kaff, Hafele, Glenn, Bosch, Hindware, Elica, and others. The good part is that these Chimneys are not only stylish and sleek but they come in different materials as well. 

You can choose from copper Kitchen Chimneys, Stainless steel Kitchen Chimneys, and others as per your taste and liking. 

We hope this blog will help you in choosing the best for your kitchens. If you have any further questions or decide to buy a chimney, please drop by any of our home decor studios located along K P Road Anantnag, in Nai Basti Anantnag, and in the Shopian district of South Kashmir. 

You can also reach us through our social media handles and/or our toll-free number. We will be pleased to hear from you or welcome you to our home decor studios.