Thinking of a bedroom revamp? Here are some tips!
Thinking of a bedroom revamp? Here are some tips!

A bedroom is the most private space we have in our homes. It is ought to be soothing and should have a calming influence whenever we venture in there and unwind. 

But unfortunately, we turn our bedrooms into storage spaces. We shove everything, we do not want our visitors to look at, into our bedrooms. And over the years, our bedrooms are one big mess. 

You are here, and we suppose you are tired of the mess your bedroom has turned into and want to re-configure and remodel your private space into something more breathable and liveable. Great then! You are at the right place! 

We at Swift Homes believe that our three-decade expertise in home decor should be of immense help to anyone and everyone who is keen to keep their homes in order and well organized. We fashion our blogs around everyday problems and their solutions, and in this blog today we will let you in on tips regarding re-configuring of your bedrooms. 

Declutter! The first step will be to get rid of everything that you do not need in the bedroom. Sit down, look around with a calm head and try to mark things that have been lying around in your bedroom unnecessarily. Take these things out, stove them away, and let us get ready for the next step. 

The next step is creating a blueprint of how you want your bedroom to look. Is there any construction that is needed around? Do you want to add anything? Is the color of the walls fine or do you need to re-paint them or better still paste a wallpaper? What do you want to do with the floor? Is the wardrobe fine or does it need some adjustments? Do you need a bigger or a smaller bed? What about the curtains? 

Make a list of all the things you intend to change in your bedroom and execute them one by one. You can seek help from a professional designer and let him/her do the thinking for you. We at Swift Homes always recommend professional help because no matter how well versed we tend to be, professionals have an acumen that we cannot have. 

Once done with all these major changes in the bedroom, you need to turn your attention toward smaller details. The major one among these smaller things will be the light! Is the lighting in accordance with your taste or do you need to change something about it? 

We at Swift Homes recommend lights that are soothing and not into your eyes, given the fact that the bedroom is a place where we tend to rest. Brighter lights can ruin the overall mood and ambiance of the bedroom. Keep it subtle! 

Another aspect is the wardrobes, and they need a major chunk of your attention. Are the wardrobe doors hindering your movement in the bedroom and eating up some much-needed space? Well, there is an option of switching over to sliding wardrobe doors for they will not only save you some space but also let you move freely around the bedroom even when they are wide open.  

Peep further into the wardrobe and see if you need any accessories to declutter it as you did with the bedroom. Swift Homes recommends wardrobe accessories like tie holders, belt holders, wicker baskets, pullout baskets, pivoting mirrors, corner applications, wardrobe lifts, and others. 

These accessories will allow you to permanently declutter your wardrobe and put it in order once and for all. 

We know you have many more questions still ringing in your head and you are still wondering how to take the first step! Do not worry! You can contact us through any of our social media handles and/or call us on our toll-free number. We will be pleased to help you! 

And in case you do have the time, you can drop by any of our three home decor studios, located in Nai Basti Anantnag, along K P Road Anantnag, and Shopian town of South Kashmir. We will love to hear from you!