Swift Homes is committed to the society and its employees. We always strive to improve lives by taking the responsibility towards people and delivering value. To usher a prosperous future for our next generation, Swift Homes under its corporate social responsibility programs has appropriately addressed the issues of environment, sports, healthcare, women empowerment, social upliftment and drug abuse. We at Swift Homes ensure that all our processes and services do not harm the nature in any way. We have a policy of no polythene use at all our store which is replaced by jute bags and environment friendly cardboard boxes. We keep track of all the waste that is generated at our stores and is degraded in a nature friendly way. Swift Homes also runs programs to plant trees at select areas from time to time. We have also sponsored multiple sports leagues in Kashmir as we know sports have a great role in building a disciplined social fabric. Many youngsters who are talented and wish to contribute to our society though their ability are encouraged and helped by us. We have run multiple campaigns on women empowerment; good health and drug abuse so that our society develops as a whole and leads a happy life.