Must-have accessories in your Modular Kitchen Part 2
Must-have accessories in your Modular Kitchen Part 2

In our earlier blog post, we introduced you to some of the essential modular kitchen accessories that significantly contribute to improving the usability and functionality of your kitchen area. The primary benefit of these accessories is their capacity to increase storage while providing remarkable durability since they are made from stainless steel and other rust-resistant materials.

In this blog, we will be talking about a few more important modular kitchen accessories that may increase the functionality of your modular kitchen.

Corner solutions

Hard-to-reach corners of the kitchen can be challenging, particularly when you have to contort and stretch to access rarely used utensils in such cabinets. Not only is there the risk of accidentally bumping your head on the countertop’s edge, but you may also strain your back while reaching into the distant corner. Fortunately, modular kitchen corner accessories come to the rescue in addressing this issue. Swift Homes provides a solution by installing swing-out or magic-corner systems, effectively utilizing these corner spaces and ensuring easy access to your kitchen essentials.

Undersink Storage

One of the most commonly overlooked areas in the kitchen is the storage space beneath the sink. Swift Homes recommends utilizing the under-sink space for storing essential cleaning items such as dishwashing liquid, scrubbers, and other cleaning items. Nonetheless, designating a specific space for these items plays a pivotal role in maintaining the tidiness of the sink area and its surroundings. Storing all of these items within cabinetry helps in decluttering the countertop while ensuring a clean and well-organized kitchen.

Undersink dustbin unit

The under-sink dustbin cabinet proves to be a highly practical addition to any kitchen or utility area. Its utility lies in its ability to conceal and efficiently manage household waste discreetly. Placed conveniently beneath the sink, this cabinet not only saves valuable floor space but also keeps unsightly trash bins out of sight. With a well-designed under-sink dustbin cabinet, waste disposal becomes a seamless task. It promotes a cleaner and more organized living environment, as it encourages the proper segregation of recyclables and non-recyclables.

Rolling shutters

Swift Homes consider rolling shutters to be a valuable addition to modular kitchens, enhancing both their functionality and aesthetics. They seamlessly cover kitchen cabinets, keeping contents protected from dust and dirt while offering easy access with a simple pull mechanism. Rolling shutter complements the modern and organized feel of a modular kitchen. They also keep the kitchen ambiance clutter-free, making cooking and meal preparation a more pleasant and organized experience. At Swift Homes, these rolling shutters are available in glass, aluminum and stainless steel in black and white colours.

Tall Units

If your kitchen has some good space available then Swift Homes recommends considering a tall unit for your kitchen.This versatile unit serves as a pantry keeping all your regular food supplies and other non-perishable items at one convenient place. The tall unit maximizes its height to offer ample storage capacity and can also utilize the door space to keep everything organised and within easy reach.

Swift Homes has been dealing in Modular Kitchens for more than two decades now, and we have in our inventory the best of the modular kitchens from the best of the brands. These kitchens are available in easy monthly installments, in all three of our home decor studios located in Nai Basti Anantnag, Iqbal Abad Anantnag, and Shopian Town.

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