Maintenance, service of Modular Kitchens.
Maintenance, service of Modular Kitchens.

Since we always keep looking for the solutions to maximise the utility of everything around us and Kitchen being one of the important places in our home has to be convenient while catering to our needs. While keeping that in mind we want our kitchen cabinets to be spacious and ergonomically designed.Today Modular kitchens are available in various designs, texture and colours. From modern to sleek and refined, modular kitchens offer an aesthetic look to our homes. Modular kitchens are highly sophisticated and can be customised to various designs depending on the space and the needs of the owner.No matter how hard we try and how immaculate we are with designing and other aspects,we cannot rule out wear and tear for it is inevitable. 

Kitchen being the busiest place of our home requires regular cleaning and maintenance.In traditional kitchens we have often seen that the designs and spacing done makes the cleaning difficult. Unlike modular kitchens, traditional kitchens do not have any disassemble and reassemble mechanism for cleaning.Also there may not be any warranty on the material used in building the traditional kitchen.

On the other hand Modular kitchens come with innovative accessories that offer a clutter free kitchen environment. Material is of finest quality and hinges are fixed firmly.Since these accessories are removable, means its maintenance is easy and can be cleaned thoroughly.Modular Kitchens are durable and sustainable.Modular kitchen optimally maximises functionality and enhances the storage system seamlessly.

To make these kitchens even more durable, we at Swift Homes offer maintenance service and warranty on our Modular Kitchens.We provide 3 years warranty on Modular Kitchens which also includes 2 maintenance services a year, in accordance with our service guidelines. Swift Homes is known for its extremely professional services, for timely completion and reliability.Our services include all the repairs pertaining to the hydraulic hinges,pull- out drawers,corner carousel units,rolling shutters or any other issues related to the modular kitchen.Moreover our services are provided by a team of professionals.

Therefore if you want to have any kind of maintenance service for your Modular Kitchen installed by Swift Homes please feel free to reach out through our toll free numbers or by visiting our studios.

In case you want to install a modular kitchen for your home, Swift Homes is the best option for you.We at Swift Homes have been dealing in Modular Kitchens for more than two decades now, and we have in our inventory the best of the kitchens from the best of the brands including Hettich, Haefele, and others

These kitchens are readily available and on easy monthly instalments, in all three of our home decor studios located in Nai Basti Anantnag, IqbalAbad Anantnag, and Shopian town. 

In case you need any more information regarding these kitchens, you can reach us through our social media handles and/or our toll-free number. Our customer care executives will be pleased to help you. We look forward to you visiting our home decor studios!