How to take care of your laminate surfaces! 
How to take care of your laminate surfaces! 

Swift Homes has been the first home decor brand in Anantnag to have introduced laminates. We have been consistently supplying laminates, from the best of the brands to our customers in Anantnag, and other adjoining districts here in South Kashmir. 

Century Laminates, Green Lam Laminates, Marino Laminates and others are some of the brands we have been specialising in. Obviously over a period of time, we have gained certain expertise when it comes to Laminates. We know of ways and methods to make our laminates last longer and remain crisp looking. 

In this blog today, we are going to share some simple yet effective tips on keeping your laminates in good shape. 

Laminates are stong and can take a lot of wear and tear. However, laminates can get scratched easily by other furniture moving over it, of sharp objects being used to clean the surface. Be mindful of the furniture in the room and the objects used to clean laminates, to prevent any scratching. 

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can make the color of the laminates fade. Ensure that curtains are drawn on the windows while sun is entering the room. It will go a long way in protecting the color of the laminates. 

Moisture and dampness can harm the laminate surfaces seriously. They need to be kept dry and any excess moisture of spilled water needs to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the damage. 

Regular cleaning is a trick that works always. A damp mop should be used over the surface of the laminates. The damp (not wet) mop will pick up almost all the dust and the laminate will dry quickly after the dust is cleaned from the surface. 

Do not Polish or wax your laminates. It will damage the surface and make the dust particles stick to the surface, making it hard to clean the surface the next time around. Say no to wax or polish, when it comes to laminates. Also do not use cleaners that have strong chemical bases, for they will end up doing more damage than good. 

Also, keep your room well-ventilated. It is always good for laminate surfaces to breath in fresh air. They will last longer like this. 

We are glad you went through the tips, and we hope that these tips will go a long way in helping you proptect your laminate surfaces – making them clean and last longer at the same time. 

Swift Homes will keep coming up with different topics to discuss regarding home decor and the upkeep of it. Keep visiting this space to know more about homes and Swift Homes. 

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