How to plan a Kitchen renovation?
How to plan a Kitchen renovation?

We cannot stress enough the importance of kitchen spaces in our homes. No matter how they look or how little the space is – the fact is, our whole home revolves around the kitchen. 

And we want it to look good, have ample space, and have futuristic features to make our everyday grind in the kitchen easier. We at Swift Homes believe that every task at hand should be planned, with expert help and a little research as well on our own. 

In today’s blog, we are going to let you in on some important tips on renovating your kitchen, and the upgradation from traditional to modular kitchens. 

The first step is recognizing whether you need any construction in your kitchen space or not. We at Swift Homes suggest that you consult a designer or an architect for that, for his advice will be of utmost value. 

Whether you need fresh construction or not will also depend on the fact that what shape of Modular Kitchen would you want to install. Modular Kitchens, as you might be already well aware, come in different shapes – including the U-Shape, L-Shape, I-Shape, and others. 

You however do not need to worry much about the shape of the Modular Kitchen, for they can be customized as per your space down to the last inch. Though, you do need to take care of the lighting and ventilation of the kitchen, while you are set to renovate it. Carve out a window, if you think the kitchen is not well lit or well ventilated! 

The next step is identifying the civil changes your renovation will demand. Sit down, take paper and a pen and try to visualize where you need plumbing, and/or electric fitting. Do identify every plumbing point, every electric plug, and lighting you need in the kitchen and you want. Get these changes done well before you set out to buy a Modular Kitchen. 

Now is the time to sit down and decide on the appliances you want to have in your kitchen. Keep in mind the utility and the space constraints (or the lack of them) before you decide on the appliances you need in your kitchen. 

The appliances to keep in consideration include a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a kitchen chimney, a juicer-mixer grinder, and some others. Do not buy appliances for their decor of them only, have a discussion about the utility for the utility of these products also depend on the size of your family and the cooking patterns. 

The last part is selecting a Modular Kitchen and getting it installed. It might look like the easiest part but you need to be really careful while selecting the kitchen – and keep things like longevity, decor, material, design, and other certain things in consideration before buying one. 

But apart from all the other factors, we at Swift Homes believe, affordability is the most important factor. Do check the Modular Kitchens at multiple outlets and have healthy discussions with them, threadbare discussions about everything that pertains to Modular Kitchens. 

Remember you can customize your modular kitchen as per your own choice. But do keep the lighting and the ventilation of your kitchen in consideration before choosing the color and the material of the Modular Kitchen. 

Also, kitchens are moisture prone, with a lot of smoke and steam always emanating from the cooking – keep this factor into consideration as well while choosing the material of the Modular Kitchen. 

You are good to go! We hope this blog helps you with the renovation process. Need expert advice, or have any further questions, we will be happy to help. You can reach us through our social media handles and/or the toll-free numbers – or you can drop by our home decor studios in Nai Basti Anantnag, K P Road Anantnag, and Shopian town.