How to make your Modular kitchen last longer? Swift Homes decodes it in steps here!
How to make your Modular kitchen last longer? Swift Homes decodes it in steps here!

One of the most revolutionary inventions in household essentials and decor has been the Modular Kitchen. We at Swift Homes take certain pride to be the first to introduce this innovation into hundreds of households across the South Kashmir region, Anantnag in particular.

Through our three lavish studios-in Nai Basti Anantnag, K P Road Anantnag and Shopian-we have been ensuring these Modular kitchens reach as many households as possible. Our site engineers and experts make sure that the kitchen is installed in the best possible manner so that it lasts longer than you expect.

However, after we are done and hand over the kitchen to you, the place becomes the busiest corner of your home. With all the activity in the kitchen, smoke, steam and water having a free run-there is an utmost need that you take care of your Modular kitchen so that it lasts longer.

Today, we are giving you some tips you can follow and ensure that your Modular kitchen outlasts everything else in your house.

Keep it Clean:

The smoke and the steam from cooking will accumulate on the surface of the Modular kitchen. Take a soft cloth and some mild detergent and wipe the surface. Make it a habit, at least once a week.

Keep your kitchen ventilated:

We all know what dampness does to surfaces, no matter what the surface is made of. To avoid dampness doing any harm to your Modular kitchen cabinets, keep your kitchen well ventilated. Fresh air every once in a while is going to keep your Modular kitchen fresh as well.

Save your cabinets from kitchen spills:

The spills-of oil, milk, water, juice and other things-in our kitchens is inevitable. You need to make sure that the spills remain on the surface where you can cleanse it easily. To prevent the spills going deep into the modular kitchen, make a habit of closing cabinet doors firmly after every use.

The hinges and the handles:

The hinges and the handles of Modular kitchens are subjected to rough use. We pull and push the cabinets in hurry without realising the damage we might be doing to these essentials. Check the handles once in a while and oil the hinges when you get the time. They will keep your Modular kitchen in perfect condition.

The cloth:

All of us use cloth to clean our kitchen, be it the Sink or any other place. But at the same time we tend to forget the importance of this cloth. Make sure it is a soft cloth and is changed or washed regularly. The sink cloth, however, needs to be changed rather than washing it.

The sink and the Chimney:

The sink and the chimney are the most used areas in this busy corner of our home. Make sure your sink is clean so that cockroaches, pests and bugs do not make it their home and they will ultimately spread to the cabinets.

Clean your chimney once in a while so that it works perfectly and does what it is supposed to do efficiently.

Pest control and deep clean:

While the above steps will always make sure that your Modular kitchen lasts longer, a deep clean and a pest control once in a while will greatly enhance the life of your modular kitchen.

We hope that you do not need any assistance from our side, after you take these steps. At the same time we assure you that Swift Homes is always there for you, no matter what. You can drop by to any of our studios, call us or reach us online-through email, whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Our experts will reach you well before you expect them to reach. Have a lovely time, with your families, in your lovely kitchens !