How to keep your microwave ovens in perfect order!
How to keep your microwave ovens in perfect order!

Microwave ovens have become an indispensable part of our kitchens, as time constraints and ease of cooking play a huge role in what we cook. These appliances are easy to use and have a decent shelf life. 

But then all of us want our appliances to last a little longer. At Swift Homes, we have been giving out tips to maintain homes in general and appliances in particular, through our blogs. 

In this blog today, we will give you simple yet effective tips to keep your microwave ovens in good order and make them last longer. Let’s get started! 

The first and foremost thing is cleanliness, the tried and tested formula to increase the life of any and every appliance. In the case of microwave ovens, the cleanliness aspect is a bit more important. 

While we cook or reheat food inside a microwave oven, there are always spills and if they are not cleaned in time they will burn and cause damage to the interiors of the oven. Besides, burnt food spills are even more difficult to get rid of. 

The trick is to wipe clean the microwave oven from the inside, after every use. And every once in a while we need to use warm water and dishwashing soap to wipe it down. Remember, a clean microwave oven will last much longer than a dirty one. 

In case there are any stubborn spots in the oven, you can heat a cup of water for a minute or two – the steam will help to loosen them following which you can wipe them clean. 

The second most important thing to do is to choose your dishware carefully. Almost all the microwave ovens come with manuals detailing what kind of dishes you can put in the microwave oven and what not. 

Apart from the microwave oven manual, you can always refer to the fine print on the dishes which will help you to identify microwave-safe dishes and those that are not. And if both the things are not helpful, try identifying the dishes that become significantly hotter than other dishes after microwave use. Try avoiding such dishes. 

Oven doors are the most used part of the appliance. Always try and prevent door damage. It is important because some of the microwave doors have switching mechanisms and any damage to the door will ultimately lead to damage to these switches, and affect the longevity of the microwave oven. 

How is the question! You should always avoid slamming shut the door of the microwave and do not pull the door unless you have pushed on the knob of the door.  

Microwave ovens are designed to cook and heat food, by microwaving a dish kept inside. Running the microwave empty can cause immense damage to the appliance and affect its working in the longer run. Always avoid running the microwave empty. 

We hope that this blog has been helpful to you. Have any other questions? You can reach us through our social media handles and/or the toll-free number. We will love to hear from you.

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