How to keep your living room naturally cool in summer.
How to keep your living room naturally cool in summer.

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Change the curtains:

Keeping your windows open can improve indoor air quality and create a comfortable living environment for better ventilation, it’s advisable to keep your windows open and let the natural breeze flow through your house. To prevent blocking the breeze, avoid using thick curtains and instead, opt for light and airy ones that allow air to circulate freely. 

Change the heavy winter furnishing materials:

Changing the heavy winter furnishing like carpet, curtains and throws can create more space and improve airflow in your home. You can also consider changing away the heavy winter rugs, cushion covers and blankets. By replacing your heavy winter furnishing materials with light stuff, you’ll create an environment that is more conducive to natural ventilation and airflow. This can help to improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable living space during the warmer months.

Ensuring cross ventilation:

Cross ventilation is the best way to ensure easy air passage throughout the room., just make sure you open windows on opposite sides of your home. This means that cool air will flow through your home and push out the warm air. The wind is pleasantly cool in the evening during summer and the best time to sit beside the windows.

Add sheer curtains :

Besides adding a luxurious look to your living rooms, sheer curtains are the best options for summer. These are great as they provide shade, prevent direct sunlight from coming into your house and yet let air come in. 

Place a bucket of water under your fan:

The best way to get the cool air flowing through your home is by simply placing a bucket of water under the fan! This will blow chill air through your room. It also consumes much less electricity and will lower your electricity bill.
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