How to keep your Gas-Hob clean and make them last longer!
How to keep your Gas-Hob clean and make them last longer!

Gas Hob or what we generally call a Gas stove is the most important appliance we have in our kitchens, particularly here in Kashmir. While there have been immense innovative additions to this appliance but the general cleanliness and longevity of the appliance are always dependent on how we treat our Gas stove. 

You are well aware by now that Swift Homes is the leading dealer of hundreds of home solution appliances, including the Gas Hobs from the best of the brands. Apart from getting you acquainted with our products, from time to time, we also dedicate our blogs to put forth some tips on how we can keep our home decor and appliances in the best condition. 

Given the rigorous use the gas stoves are subjected to, it becomes all the more important to keep them in good shape, clean, and hygienic. Here are some easy and simple steps for the upkeep of gas stoves. 

Always wipe off the spills and overflows in time! 

Spills and overflows are a part of the cooking process. No matter how careful we tend to be, the spills will be there and can damage the gas stoves if they are not cleaned well within time. 

The stains and damage done by spills can be hard to reverse if the gas stove is not cleaned immediately. The trick is clean the gas hob quite frequently, and immediately in case of a spill. 

How do we clean the cooktop though? 

The simple and effective way is a damp cloth. Wipe off the surface with a damp cloth and you are done for the day. However, if you need a spotless cooktop with deep cleaning, there are other ways to clean it. 

We can use dish soap. Mix the dish soap well in a tumbler, dampen your cleaning cloth into it and wipe off the cooktop. The results will leave you pleased. 

Ammonia and white vinegar are other substances you can use to deep clean your cooktop, every once in a while. Not only will your cooktop be clean, but it will also be the most hygienic for the health of your loved ones and your own health. 

Keep the gas hob dry! 

After the cleaning is done, it is important to wipe off the cooktop and dry it. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the moisture off the gas hob, regardless of whether it is made of steel or toughened glass. 

Keep an eye on the burners! 

Burners are the most essential, and most used parts of the gas hob. It is through the burners of these pores, that the gas comes out and the flame forms over it. 

Clogging of the pores of these burners can not only affect the effectiveness of the burners, but it can also be dangerous. Take the burners out occasionally, and clean them. 

You can keep them soaked in dishwashing soap or Kerosene oil for a while and then unclog the pores using a sharp needle-like object – before you put them to use again. 

We at Swift Homes hope that this blog will help you to keep your gas hobs in good shape. In case you have any more questions, you can reach out to us through our social media handles. 

Or, you can drop by our home decor studios, located along the K P Road Anantnag and Shopian town of South Kashmir. Our customer care executives will be more than happy to assist you.