How to choose the best Plywood for your home!
How to choose the best Plywood for your home!

Plywood has replaced a lot many construction materials in the last more than a decade now. It is being widely used in every corner of our homes, and it becomes imperative that we choose only the best plywood for our homes. 

Why do we need the best plywood? 

We make homes once in a lifetime and if the plywood does not last that lifetime, it should at least give you the satisfaction of having lasted long enough. There are certain ways we can choose our plywood. 

Swift Home is the largest home decor studio in Kashmir valley and offers you certain insights on how you can choose plywood, wisely. 

First things first! There is a myth that only the visible brands have the best plywood. But it is not true entirely! 

While the better brands do take care of their quality, there are always some lesser-known brands who offer better quality at more affordable prices. Also, have a discussion with customer care executives at Swift Homes, who will ensure that you get only the best. 

What is the location? We make the mistake of choosing the same plywood for all the locations in our home. It needs to be changed. We have to choose plywood as per the location, it has to be used. 

For example, if you are choosing furniture for your bedroom or living room, regular MR-grade plywood will suffice. The MR-grade plywood is called commercial plywood in regular parlance. 

Now, if you need to choose plywood for your kitchen or for (or near) your washroom, the plywood has to be waterproof. Or in simple words, we should say that plywood needs to be chosen keeping into consideration the exposure to moisture and/or sunlight. 

Always buy your plywood from a wholesaler or a stockist! 

There is a huge rate variation when it comes to the prices of plyboards in the market. It is better to get your plywood from a wholesaler or a stockist to get better prices – for their margins are lower. 

Swift Homes is the stockist of the most trusted brands of Plywood in the market, and we will ensure that you get wholesale prices. 

Look for the ISI mark! 

The ISI mark is a mark of quality, and every plyboard should have this mark. For the commercial or MR-Grade plywood, the mark is IS:303, and for Marine or waterproof ply the mark is IS:710. 

Also, look for the CML number beneath the ISI mark, which will easily let you identify the manufacturer. 

And when you buy the plywood, always ask for a small piece of the plywood to check whether it is solidly filled or has gaps inside. Solidly filled plyboards tend to last longer than the ones that are not. 

Have any further questions regarding plywood? You can reach us through our social media handles, or call us on our toll-free number. We will be happy to host you at any of our home decor studios located in Nai Basti Anantnag, K P Road Anantnag, and the Shopian district of South Kashmir. 

Will see you next week, same space with new information about home decor!