5 Things you should do to increase the longevity of a Modular Kitchen
5 Things you should do to increase the longevity of a Modular Kitchen

The concept of modern modular kitchen design is based on efficiency and utility of  space. In the modern era, most people do not look for larger spaces, but solutions to maximise their compact spaces. Keeping this thing in mind, modern modular kitchen is crafted with a well-thought design and art.

Our kitchen is a riot of aromas, flavours and vessels laid out so as to meet the needs of family members. As thoughtful as this s, it could leave behind a big mess to clean up after. 

Modular Kitchens offer the luxury of convenience and add to the aesthetics of our homes. Since modular kitchens are a bit more expensive than traditional kitchens we would definitely want them to last longer. We at Swift Homes have come up with a few things that you must follow to ensure the longevity of your Modular Kitchen:

Clean the cabinetry and countertops regularly –

To prevent dirt and grime from building up, clean the cabinets and surface of your modular kitchen with mild and non-abrasive cleaners only. Modular Kitchens require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the smooth functions of the cabinets.

Use trivets or cutting boards for hot items –

Using trivets or coasters for placing any hot item on the countertop. They protect the counter from damage caused due to heat.

Use the cabinets for their intended purpose-

Cabinets and drawers are mainly for storing dinnerware and cookware. While smaller utensils can be stored in the upper drawers, large and heavy cookware must be stored in the bottom drawers because of their heavy weight. Pantry must explicitly be reserved for food storage.

Keep the kitchen well-ventilated-

Since the kitchen produces a lot of smoke, steam and odour so in order to prevent moisture buildup which can cause damage to the cabinetry and countertop it becomes important to let in some fresh air and sunlight.

Open and close the drawers and shutters gently-

We often open and close drawers of our modular kitchens carelessly, bang them shut or keep them open halfway. They can be damaged when banged against another cabinet or accessory and even a small crack or dent will need a complete replacement of the laminate or door. This forceful slamming of the cabinets and drawers over time can lead to dings and damage to the kitchen cabinets.

The longevity of our modular kitchen is in our hands. If we take proper care to ensure these minor details are looked into at all times, the kitchen can serve us as a safe haven for the family for several years. 

Swift Homes has been dealing in Modular Kitchens for more than two decades now, and we have in our inventory the best of the kitchens from the best of the brands including Hettich, Haefele, and others. 

These kitchens are readily available and on easy monthly instalments, in all three of our home decor studios located in Nai Basti Anantnag, Iqbal Abad Anantnag, and Shopian town. 

In case you need any more information regarding these kitchens, you can reach us through our social media handles and/or our toll-free number. Our customer care executives will be pleased to help you. We look forward to you visiting our home decor studios!